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Our main aim is to keep your wedding video as natural as possible, capturing and emphasising the raw emotion and atmosphere throughout your big day. We aim to be discreet and have our presence go unnoticed, allowing you and your guests to be present and enjoy every moment of the wedding. We work hard to ensure that we do not interrupt the flow of your special day and distract you; that way, real moments are collected exactly as and when they unfold. By employing unintrusive means, we avoid making you or your guests feel uncomfortable whilst still capturing your unique story in an elegant fashion. We are able to do this since there are so many magical moments which take place throughout your day, meaning there is no need for us to make you stage anything or direct you into pose after pose during your wedding ceremony. By collecting footage in the most unobtrusive yet cinematic way possible, we are able to truly define the story of you as a couple in an artistic and beautiful manner. This also means that your wedding video will never become outdated and will be something that you and your loved ones can treasure forever.


Here at The Film Editor, we are continuously working to update our approach. We constantly experiment with new tools and techniques and combine various styles to take our creativity to the next level, whilst capturing your wedding story as you tell it. We embrace new challenges and are endlessly seeking out new learning opportunities to help us develop. We never believe that good is good enough, so we are constantly pushing ourselves even further to become exceptional and to ensure that all of our clients love our work, as for us you are the only thing that matters.


In order to ensure that our clients’ needs and expectations are not only met but also exceeded, we work with you on an individual basis to carefully plan out exactly what you want to see happen on your big day. We undergo hours of planning, envisioning, phone calls, emails, editing and drafting before your special day, to allow you to go about your dream day without constantly worrying about us and what we are doing. We ensure that your unique requirements and personal taste are reflected throughout our work and operate to a high standard of both service and creativity.


We, at The Film Editor, are friendly, flexible, affordable and specialize in Asian wedding videography and photogrophy. We have a team of experienced videographers who support each other and bring exceptional levels of care, detail and attention to each and every client we serve. We are here to film your wedding in the most thoughtful, professional and seamless way possible, ensuring that you are more than satisfied with your final wedding video. We accomplish perfection by operating with creative lighting, unique perspectives, different angles and compositions, and artistic in-house post-production. By carrying out all post-production in-house we are not only able to capture the perfect story for our wedding couples, but we are also able to truly refine our clients’ personalities and beauty while telling their wedding story. Regardless of whether your wedding is a small intimate event, or one which is split over a number of days, we want to be there to create you perfect love story. Each shot we capture displays an emotion or tells a part of your story. Our team constantly works to ensure they are in the right place at the right time, anticipating expressions of emotion, ensuring that your love story is captured in the more elegant manner possible.

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